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Clariifi moves to Tampa

Utah-based Clariifi, LLC has recently moved operations to Tampa, FL with the goal of launching its precision medicine platform in the first half of the year. The company has created a proprietary informatics-based solution to provide doctors and patients with targeted treatment recommendations based on the genetic variations specific to each patient’s tumor.

Clariifi’s unique approach takes the results from any commercially available tumor sequencing test and provides doctor’s and patients with a ranking of treatment options that can target their individual tumor. Each report benefits from input from a panel of nationally-recognized experts in precision medicine and provides references to peer-reviewed literature supporting the clinical use of each option. Unlike many commercially available test result reports, Clariifi reports integrate medical insights into possible off-label therapies and clinical trials and not just FDA-approved treatment options, that may have been exhausted in the case of relapsed tumors.

“The volume and pace of genetic data that can be used to make treatment decisions is expanding faster than ever before,” said Dr. Howard McLeod, Managing Director. “The burden on doctors to interpret and act on this vast amount of information is tremendous and only getting tougher. Clariifi is here to help distill the results of commercially available tumor sequencing into clear and concise treatment recommendations specific to each patient.”

Jody Simon, CEO said of the move to Tampa, “The decision to move operations here was driven by the availability of a significant local and statewide cancer care community. Not only is there a large and growing population, we have access to talent and innovations from great universities like the University of South Florida, University of Florida, and University of Miami as well as opportunities to build relationships with independent cancer treatment centers like Moffitt Cancer Center and Florida Cancer Specialists.”

Clariifi, LLC

Clariifi is a precision medicine company providing doctors and cancer patients with targeted, actionable treatment recommendations based on the genetic variations specific to their tumor. Clariifi can use the results of any commercially available tumor sequencing test to provide ranked options for FDA-approved treatments, off-label therapy, and clinical trials.

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Jody Simon Clariifi, LLC +1 (813) 575-6880

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